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Why only $15 to drop in?
It's not because we have the sparest facilities. 
We don't.
It's not because we offer the least experienced staff. 
We are some of the best trained and most experienced teachers you can find anywhere.
Why only $15 to drop in?
Because we believe that yoga HEALS. 
We believe yoga HELPS. 
We believe that yoga TEACHES AND REMINDS people to own their power, their lives, from the cell to the skin, from the mat to the world.
We believe EVERYONE can benefit, and we want EVERYONE to have access to the benefits of yoga...not just the folks who can afford $20 a class. 
It is our mission to make healing and helping, to make yoga, accessible and affordable for everyone.
Why only $15 to drop in?
Come share the love, the practice, the yoga. 
We yoga ❤️ We love.

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